API security testing

API stands for Application Programming Interface it allows applications to communicate with one another. APIs are being increasingly leveraged, yet they are less secure and more exposed. It is the most important part of an application as whenever there is a web request APIs are invoked and it incorporates your methods, headers, and other parameters. Therefore, as data flows through them it is essential to secure APIs to prevent data leakage.

API security testing is the process of testing APIs to find out the vulnerabilities, security misconfiguration, and any potential security gaps for the technical team to fix. It requires to be tested throughout its development lifecycle as it will ensure that API operates as intended and is limited to those tasks and it will sec.

Why API security testing is important?

  • Today, the most valuable thing is data and as APIs connect the most sensitive data it becomes the easiest point for attackers who want to access your data.

An annual research report states that 35% of analyzed web applications had APIs misuse issues and that increased to 52% for mobile applications so understanding APIs vulnerabilities and weaknesses will help you gain a comprehensive view of the potential attack vectors that could be used to breach an application.

Top 10 OWASP API vulnerabilities (2019):

  1. Broken object level Authorization

Types of API security tests:

  • Fuzz testing: Fuzzing is the process of feeding the API with erroneous or invalid unexpected data to the API to check whether it can spill some information, some error messages, or anything to imply that random data has been processed by the API.

Benefits of API security testing:

  • API security testing aids in the detection and avoidance of vulnerabilities and the potential organizational risk they pose.



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