What’s new in GitHub 2.45

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3 min readMay 9, 2024
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Git, the popular version control system, has released its latest version, Git v2.45, packed with several enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving efficiency, stability, and user experience. Here are the best features of what this new release brings to the table.

1. Enhanced Reflog Management:

The introduction of the “list” subcommand in “git reflog” marks a significant improvement in managing repository history. Previously, users had to navigate through reflogs using more complex commands, but with the “list” subcommand, this process is streamlined. Now, users can simply invoke “git reflog list” to view a concise list of known reflogs, providing greater visibility into the repository’s history.

2. Streamlined Merge Conflict Resolution:

GitHub’s enhancement to suppress merge conflict resolution messages during submodule merges addresses a common pain point for developers. When performing submodule merges, especially in complex projects with numerous dependencies, the merge conflict resolution messages can clutter the output and make it harder to focus on the relevant information.

By allowing users to suppress these messages, GitHub streamlines the merge process and provides a cleaner, more focused experience for developers. This improvement is particularly beneficial in scenarios where developers frequently deal with submodule merges, such as in large-scale software projects or projects with extensive dependency trees.

3. Improved Flexibility in “git for-each-ref”:

The addition of the “ — include-root-refs” option in “git for-each-ref” significantly enhances the flexibility of this command. Previously, “git for-each-ref” was limited to enumerating references within the ‘refs/’ hierarchy, excluding references outside this namespace.

With the “ — include-root-refs” option, users can now include references outside the ‘refs/’ hierarchy, providing a more comprehensive view of repository references.

4. Enhanced Functionality in “git rev-list — missing=print”:

The addition of the “ — allow-missing-tips” option to “git rev-list — missing=print” allows missing objects at starting points. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in scenarios involving complex repository histories, where missing objects may be encountered due to various factors such as branch deletions, rebase operations, or repository corruption.

5. Refinement of Merge Log Clarity:

GitHub’s refinement of “git log — merge” to consider various *_HEAD pseudorefs is aimed at improving the clarity and comprehensiveness of merge-related logs.

6. Platform-Specific Optimization for OS/390:

GitHub v2.45 introduces platform-specific tweaks for OS/390 in config.mak.uname, targeting optimization and compatibility on this specific platform. Historically, OS/390 users may have encountered performance or compatibility issues when using Git due to platform-specific considerations.

These optimizations may include adjustments to resource utilization, file system interactions, or system calls to ensure optimal performance and compatibility on the OS/390 platform.

7. Improved Compatibility for Configuration Users:

With the enhancement introduced in GitHub v2.45, users with the safe.bareRepository=explicit configuration can now seamlessly work within the repository structure without the need for additional configuration adjustments.

8. Customization Options in “git diff”:

With the addition of these new configuration variables, users now have the ability to fine-tune various aspects of the diff output, such as formatting, context lines, or inclusion/exclusion of specific changes.

9. Auto-Dropping of Redundant Commits:

GitHub v2.45 introduces the “ — empty” option in the “git cherry-pick” command, automating the process of dropping redundant commits.

10. Enhanced Configuration File Clarity:

GitHub v2.45 introduces the “ — comment=<message>” option in the “git config” command, allowing users to leave comments immediately after the “variable = value” in the configuration file.

11. Multi-Byte Sequence Support:

GitHub v2.45 introduces support for multi-byte sequences in the “core.commentChar” configuration variable, expanding compatibility with different character encodings and improving internationalization.


Git v2.45 introduces a plethora of enhancements and fixes, catering to both user experience and internal workings. With improvements in efficiency, stability, and performance, this release further solidifies Git’s position as the go-to version control system for developers worldwide. Whether you’re managing large repositories or fine-tuning your workflows, Git v2.45 has something for everyone. Upgrade now to experience the latest and greatest from the Git community.

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