Why Is CMMC Compliance Important?

By SecurityOrb.com

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a new standard of protection for data shared with the U.S. Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework was created to assess cybersecurity maturity levels and match policies and processes to the nature and sensitivity of the information that needs to be protected.

With CMMC compliance, a company may guarantee ongoing cybersecurity testing and monitoring, preventing destructive assaults from being carried out by bad actors. The data shared by the defense industry that the DIB uses to create parts, systems, and components for the national defense will be protected by CMMC. To create and provide these products and services, DIB contractors store and utilize sensitive government data.

Why CMMC is important?

What Happens if DIBs are Not CMMC Compliant?

A DIB may be unable to submit a bid for DoD contracts and lose that source of income if it falls short of the minimal CMMC level standards. A DIB can even lose its business in extreme circumstances. Noncompliance may expose the DIB to additional online dangers. Your DIB will move toward a more secure future if you become involved with the CMMC compliance process now.

How CMMC 2.0 Helps Streamline Compliance

The goal of CMMC 2.0 is to simplify how DIB contractors self-certify their compliance by minimizing the number of compliance standards and procedures in the previous framework. What has changed most between CMMC 1.0 and CMMC 2.0 is:

a. Level 1 (Foundational — for FCI)

b. Level 2 (Advanced — for CUI)

c. Level 3 (Expert — for companies working with CUI on DoD’s highest priority programs)

2. In order to fully conform with the 110 security controls of NIST SP 800–171 Rev. 2, CMMC 2.0 reduced 20 security requirements. The new Level 2 certification will show that a company is capable of sharing and storing controlled unclassified information in a safe manner.

3. Each certification level builds on the one before it and signifies higher standards of cybersecurity compliance and potential capabilities.

How do you get CMMC certification?

For the CMMC, businesses cannot self-certify. Instead, a third-party certification procedure will be required for government contractors and anyone who interacts with government organizations. The level of maturity and preparation they meet will be determined by this third party’s audit of their current security procedures and systems. The business will be able to pursue federal contracts and work with privileged information once it has received CMMC accreditation.



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