Why Risk Based Vulnerability Management Is Right for You

  1. With the help of vulnerability scans, it identifies various vulnerabilities present in the system.
  2. With the help of historical data, it determines the likelihood of an attack for each vulnerability.
  3. Then the severity of risk is calculated by multiplying its probability by its financial cost.
  • Companies can’t afford to waste time on vulnerabilities that don’t truly require that much attention because it takes more than 205 days (on average) to fix a critical vulnerability.
  • Patching 980 out of 1,000 vulnerabilities means nothing. It may sound good number but the attacker only needs one vulnerability to hurt your organization.
  • You need a contextual strategy and direction for your technological stack so you can decide what to fix first and when.
  • Your investment could save between $3 — $8 million. The right vulnerability management solution is a critical investment in protecting your business.
  • It helps organizations to take faster and more accurate decisions regarding system security.
  • Risk-based vulnerability management continuously scans and monitors the system to detect vulnerabilities that are high on risk.



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SecOps Solution

SecOps Solution

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